The impressive increase in sales of luxury homes in S’Agaró: why?

The increase on sales in the luxury houses in S’Agaró


In the last year, the market for luxury estate has exploded and returned to levels not seen since before the financial crisis. The sector has noticed a particular rise in buying in Barcelona, which our company knows very well thanks to our expertise in Luxury houses in S’Agaró.


Why has the demand for luxury properties on the Costa Brava increased?


Financial freedom that has returned since the end of the economic crisis has more or less immediately promoted the purchase of luxury homes. Although Spanish nationals have also returned to purchasing, it’s usually foreigners with large incomes who come to Spain looking for five-star luxury and properties to match.


Our clients find the Costa Brava a perfect spot for a second residence, allowing the ideal destination for vacations or a permanent relocation come their retirement. Our residence sin S’Agaró have everything our clients are looking for, with newly built villas in a prestigious area that’s becoming ever more popular.


The fine climate, beautiful beaches, famous bay and a highly sought after area popular with tourists…It’s not surprising that Barcelona is booming, especially in terms of real estate sales of high value.


But there are other factors that have made housing on the Costa Brava so in demand. Among them is the election of the current US President, Donald Trump. The searches of luxury homes by Americans have increased considerably since 2015 as more and more Americans are looking to divert their investments abroad, or relocate from the US entirely. Brexit however, has not favoured the sector, with British interest in buying a second home or main residence in Spain dropping by 2$.


Luxury homes for rental as well as sales


Since 2016, there has been an increase in interest in housing leases. Of particular note is the areas of Madrid and Barcelona, with Spain quickly reaching the same rental highs of other European countries.


Currently, Barcelona has the most expensive rental asking prices anywhere in Spain, due to strong demand for housing thanks to its high population. The highest levels were registered in Ciutat Vella and Eixample.


Why use our services?


As we have seen, our sector is in a phase of growth and we are leading the leading professionals operating in the most popular area of Spain. Our portfolio of luxury homes sets the benchmark for sales on the Costa Brava, meeting the most exacting of requirements.


Our company guarantees a unique service to our customers looking to purchase one of our homes, with total confidence and peace of mind assured. Our services include real estate sale, and legal and financial advice if you’re looking to buy or sell a luxury home in S’Agaró. We also offer advice on the construction and restoration of luxury homes, and can give you considerable insights into property rentals. With more than 17 years of experience, we guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction.



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