Real estate and construction in S’Agaró

Masó Inmobiliaria is a company that specialises in the management of properties in the prestigious S’Agaró Vell (S´Agaró-Vell) residential estate.

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It was founded on 20th October 1932 when Josep Ensesa Gubert, the initial owner of the land that S’Agaró Vell now occupies, created a construction company with Felip Masó Ferragut in order to develop this luxury estate by following the guidelines established by the architects Rafael Masó and Ramón Folguera.

Since then, and through the subsequent generations of its founder, Masó Inmobiliaria has continued providing services to the S’Agaró Vell community, always using the original spirit, ethics and philosophy of its founders as a reference.


Masó Inmobiliaria has its office in the residential estate itself, which means it is always accessible and available to all owners.

Because of its experience of over 75 years, its involvement in S’Agaró Vell and its unique location, we know the area and its owners very well indeed.

This knowledge passed down through generations enables us to provide solutions to the demanding needs of both our national and international clients.


As well as being experts in the S’Agaró Vell market, we also offer our services outside of the estate, advising our clients on both real estate brokerage and on the construction, renovation and maintenance of their unique properties.

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