Property Management Services in S’Agaró (Costa Brava)

The estate agent that looks after your home as if it were its own. Leave your unique property in our hands and free yourself to enjoy it without worries.

Servicios inmobiliarios en S’Agaró (Costa Brava)
Servicios inmobiliarios en S’Agaró (Costa Brava) Casas de lujo

Real state advisory

Real state consultation

Specialists in the intermediation of luxury properties on the Costa Brava and especially in S’Agaró, we are professional experts in general valuation and real estate appraisals in particular, and are very knowledgeable about the residential market on the Catalan coast.

The wealth of experience gained by the management team, who, prior to joining Masó Inmobiliaria, have all held positions of responsibility in various management positions in real estate companies from different sectors, allows us to offer the following services:

Real estate valuation service (housing appraisal, valuation of flats, appraisal of flats and valuation of all kinds of property rights).

  • Valuation service for real estate companies.
  • Valuations of real estate projects of all kinds: hotels, offices, premises, logistics warehouses, golf courses, etc.
  • Feasibility studies of real estate projects.
  • Management of patrimonial companies.

Private sales

Confidentiality and discretion in handling information are the basis of our success, especially with certain types of real estate transactions, and guarantee our continuity as a company.

There are properties that, due to their uniqueness, are especially sensitive to being exposed to the market indiscriminately or with little control.

In turn, there are some clients who, due to their high reputation, prestige or social status, demand a highly confidential treatment both when they decide to buy a property and when, eventually, they decide to sell it. Normally, these transactions are only known about once they have occurred and these are what Masó Inmobiliaria refers to as private sales. At Masó Inmobiliaria, we have some properties that we present to a potential buyer only after having undertaken a personal interview with him and having confirmed the suitability of the product to the clients needs.

On our website, you can find a sample of some of the properties we sell. However, if you do not find what best suits your purchasing criteria at this time, we invite you to complete the attached form and arrange a personal interview in our offices or at your home. Of course, your visit, interview and purchase preferences will also be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Personal shopper at S’Agaró and on the Costa Brava

The task of finding a property ends up being an important investment of time, usually taking a period of between one to two years.

How much is your free time worth?

Asesoramiento en Construcción Obras y Reformas Masó Inmobiliaria
Asesoramiento en Construcción Obras y Reformas Masó Inmobiliaria

Advice on Construction, Works and Reforms

Property maintenance

Every family house needs regular maintenance, from gardening services, cleaning, gas installation review, elevator, etc…

Leave the day-to-day management in our hands; at Masó Inmobiliaria, we take care of these chores almost without you noticing.

Have you ever been worried about the state of your home after a storm? We will go to check that everything is in order and works correctly.

All you have to do is to delegate the management of your house to Masó Inmobiliaria.

Construction of new work

At Masó Inmobiliaria, we offer you a complete “turnkey” service, known internationally as a “turnkey contract”.

We take care of all the stages required by every new build project, from the search of the desired site, the design of a customised project of both the property and the garden, integrating the construction and security regulations of the location, processing of licenses, construction of the proposed project, coordination of all the parties involved, budgetary control and completion of the work in the agreed time.

The realisation of a new construction project involves many areas of expertise, such as designers, architects, plumbers, carpenters, masons, etc. With more than 70 years dedicated to the world of construction on the Costa Brava, we work with the best companies within the construction sector. They know the level of demand we have and that the houses we build require and they make every effort to achieve a perfect final result. In every case, we supervise and manage their tasks, being aware of their importance within each of the construction stages.

Thanks to our involvement in the development of the urbanisation of SAgaró Vell, in S´Agaró-Vell, in the heart of the Costa Brava, we have specialised in the construction of luxury homes. We always use the best materials and always take great care of the finishes of the construction

From the moment that an owner entrusts us with the construction of his house, we do not leave anything to chance and work together with him to design all the fine details.

We are always proud to make your dreams come true. The only thing you have to worry about is providing the idea and we will make it happen. Nothing is impossible.

Comprehensive renovations

One of the areas that most motivates us at Masó Inmobiliaria are the renovations on the Costa Brava.

Each of them is unique and unrepeatable. We consider every one of them as a challenge, since we must respect the old building and at the same time realise the needs of the owner. taking into account the comfort and amenities required for a luxury house in S´Agaró or the Costa Brava.

To achieve a high quality renovation according to the demands of its owner, three points are essential: first, to be experienced in housing construction. Second, to be flexible enough to face the unexpected problems that tend to appear in this type of work, and to provide imaginative solutions. Third and the most important, to take into account each of the owner´s requirements.

If you want to renovate your house, there is no need to worry: let us advise you. We have the experience and know how to carry out a project so you can focus on seeing your dream realised.

Servicios Inmobiliarios Alquileres de Temporada Costa Brava
Servicios Inmobiliarios Alquileres de Temporada Costa Brava

Advice and Management of Seasonal Rentals

There is a lot of demand for property rental in S’Agaró (Costa Brava).

If what you want is to have a profitability while you are not enjoying it, leave the rental management in our hands. You can do it for days, weeks or months.

We will take care of absolutely everything: arrivals and departures, cleaning, contracting services and everything that is necessary to guarantee a perfect stay for guests.

Mantenimiento de propiedades de lujo Masó Inmobiliaria S'Agaró
Mantenimiento de propiedades de lujo Masó Inmobiliaria Costa Brava


Every house needs repairs from time to time: at Masó Inmobiliaria, we offer a repair management service.

Thanks to our construction and renovation services, we have a wide range of tradesmen (plumbers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, etc.) who can provide cover 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Do you have a repair that needs to be done at your home in S´Agaró?

Call us and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

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