Costa Brava: Tips for purchasing a quality second home

With the first signs of summer and the arrival of warm weather, many people love to pack their bags and go on holiday: perhaps you’re one of them? If so, we recommend buying a property on the Costa Brava, for the luxury and comfort of having a second home in an irresistible and idyllic atmosphere. Choosing a house on the Mediterranean coast can become an odyssey in itself but to save time and paperwork, we recommend using an estate agent in S’Agaró. This area is particularly renowned for its marvellous luxury properties.

Tips on buying a home

The purchase of a luxury house is a major investment, not only financial but also of your time and effort. That’s why we offer a number of tips that will help to make this arduous process a little easier.


– Learn how building plots can increase in value within a short period of time.


– Try searching for an affordable mortgage with a low interest rate.


– Consider the location of the property carefully, because if even if you are planning to use it as a second home, it’s a good strategy to rent it out during periods when it’s unoccupied.


– It’s also very important not to rush into making decisions but rather to take time to make sure which property is best for you and also when to buy it.


– Finally, and perhaps most obviously, compare prices.


These are just a few tips; however, we guarantee that if you take our advice you can enjoy all the advantages offered by an incredible second home. Furthermore, you can also generate extra income by renting off season. The area we recommend, S’Agaró in Costa Brava, is one of the best in Spain, blessed with a favourable climate and lovely surroundings; remember to take the advice of a good real estate agent in S’Agaró, where you can enjoy all the convenience and benefits that the area offers.