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Servicios inmobiliarios en S'Agaró

Masó Estate Agents - in good hands

The search for a permanent residence or holiday home is not simple if you are a discriminating buyer. Masó Estate Agency knows how to respond to customers' needs and desires - and to provide excellent service. Founded in 1932 as a joint venture between Josep EnsesaGubert (the owner of S'Agaró) and FelipMasóFerragut (a reputed builder), it is no coincidence that the company has continued in the property business for more than eighty-five years. During an impeccable and fruitful trajectory, Masó has had the honour of advising the most demanding and select buyers.

Why choose Masó?

At Masó, our customers especially appreciate our corporate values. Firstly, we are committed to maintaining the strictest confidentiality of buyers and sellers at all times. Similarly, the interests of our clients are our priority. To adapt to clients' needs, therefore, we provide purchasers with honest and truthful information in every transaction. Our greatest satisfaction is to fulfil the trust placed in us.

In addition, our professional practice is developed from the utmost thoughtfulness. Our team members dedicate themselves to matching the right buyer to each property. In short, this means personalised and professional attention as well as the provision of quality services to take care of every detail.

Servicios inmobiliarios en S'Agaró - construcción y rehabilitación
Servicios inmobiliarios en S'Agaró - alquiler de casas de lujo

Our strengths - a guarantee of maximum quality

We specialise in the S'AgaróVell property market, which gives us extensive knowledge of the characteristics of the estate and various owner profiles.

Our services go beyond the sale of properties. We also deal with the redecoration and building work of the houses , paying particular attention to fulfilling various environmental protection regulations and preserving historic property. In other words, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to responding to our customers.

Why do we say that we leave nothing to chance? Essentially, owners know they can rely on us to resolve any issue. Among other things, we deal with the maintenance of all the properties that require it - including gardens, swimming pools, redecoration and internal refitting of different types. In other words, we ensure each house is finished to suit the client, keeping in mind his or her wishes and advising him or her on possible improvements for future consideration. Certainly, the least we can offer is that every resident feels entirely at home.

Servicios inmobiliarios en S'Agaró - alquiler de casas de lujo
Servicios inmobiliarios en S'Agaró - alquiler de casas de lujo

We put great passion into every task because our history is closely linked to S'Agaró and we want to maintain its original essence. We also have an office in the estate so contacting us could not be easier. We believe that maintaining an office within this privileged space helps us to understand the needs of our clients, to serve them better and to attend to any matter that requires it - quickly if necessary. As you will have probably noticed, we have extended traditional estate agency services by a long way. After all, Masó Estate Agents has always been linked to S'AgaróVell.

If our services in this exclusive estate have made us famous in the region, we also try to put the same effort and enthusiasm into our activities in other locations. We work with luxury houses and unique properties alike, using our wealth of knowledge to excel in the sector. Masó Estate Agents is always a guarantee of quality and S'AgaróVell is the best example of this - though not the only one.

Servicios inmobiliarios en S'Agaró - alquiler de casas de lujo


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