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Luxury Penthouse Apartment in S’Agaró

Boasting 180 square metres of living space and a large in-ground swimming pool, enjoying the Mediterranean Sea in style has never been easier thanks to this luxury apartment. In fact, one may even begin to feel as if Costa Brava is a part of their own property. This is one of many benefits that this luxury apartment found within S’Agaró has to offer.

This luxury apartment is suitable to be occupied immediately. However, a number of renovations are also able to help one of the finest properties within the entire bay reach its full potential. Any improvements will undoubtedly be enhanced thanks to the fact that a balcony with sea views dominates this amazing structure.

A Bespoke Luxury Apartment in S’Agaró

A penthouse of 120 square metres is divided into three spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, one WC, a kitchen and a living room. The living room itself provides unfettered access to a terrace that overlooks the magnificent bay below (only 500 metres from the coast). Although this property is already considered to offer ample amounts of light, a few targeted renovations will undoubtedly help to further accentuate such a luminous quality.

Users can also enjoy no less than 309 square metres of space within a single floor thanks to an impressive terrace and access to a community centre boasting a luxurious garden and a pool. These can be perfect options for those arriving here with a family

While S’Agaró is quite a popular destination during the summer season, it should be mentioned here that parking will not present an issue. Two private parking spaces and a dedicated storage room are other amenities not to be overlooked.

Not only is this luxury apartment in S’Agaró beautiful to behold, but it also represents a very sound real estate investment for the future. We encourage anyone interested to contact one of our representatives to learn more about this location as well as the options which are available to the buyer. Whether intended to be used to enjoy the bucolic summer atmosphere or the pristine views of the sea during the winter months, acquiring and renovating this amazing penthouse is indeed a dream come true.



S'Agaro - Sant Pol


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