Evolution housing prices in S’Agaró

Housing prices are on the rise: luxury homes in S’Agaró

Housing prices are on the rise in Spain, but here we’re focusing on what is happening in Catalonia, where the Costa Brava offers an idyllic place to enjoy a holiday or invest in a second property, has is evident by the number of luxury homes in S’Agaró.


From the firs to the second quarter of 2016, prices per square metre for housing Catalonia rose by 15 euros. In the third quarter, prices rose again by 6 euros per square metre, with quarter to quarter rises looking like this: 15, 6, 54, 42, 76. These figures very clearly show that there’s an upward swing in the housing market in Catalonia.


The prices of properties don’t merely depend on the design of the house its structure and overall quality, but rather the influences and social aspect of the area it lies in. The Costa Brava, where many of the most luxurious properties stand in S’Agaró is one of the most beautiful areas of Pain, with spectacular sun and temperatures you’d struggle to find elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, this area is popular with tourists, attracted by stunning weather and some of the most iconic landmarks in the city. A sizeable rise in the service industries has also picked up in recent years. However long you stay for, this part of the Costa Brava has everything you need to ensure you’re catered to every day of your trip.


Housing Prices in Barcelona


Let’s see what’s happening outside of Catalonia, in the province of Barcelona in general. Looking at the same time frames as before, there have been quarter on quarter increases on the average square metre price: 8, 23, 56, 48, 82. In fact, the difference in price per square metre between the second quarter of 2017 and the second quarter of 2016 is 209 euros. This is all quite significant, especially when you consider that the price at the end of the last quarter was 209 euros more in Barcelona than it was in Catalonia whereas a year ago it was only 187. Trends like these don’t need much more explaining.


Some of the most recent data available, from the second quarter of 2017 indicate that the average price per square metre in Barcelona has been around 1350 euros, above the average price of Catalonia, while showing a significant rise of 235 euros form the first quarter of 2017.


If you are thinking of buying your second home on the Costa Brava, we advise you not to wait around considering prices are on the rise. With this upward trend observed in properties throughout Spain, it’s not something specific to the region.


However, in your search for luxury homes, we remind you there’s more than the price of properties. No matter what the price of property, you need to choose the right home and area that will serve as the best possible investment for you and your future



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